Rx Clinical Cosmeceuticals TonersThe Benefits Of Using A Toner In Your Skin Care Regimen:
1) Helps to Minimize the Appearance of Your Pores

– By simply applying a small amount of toner either with a spray or a soft cotton pad, it will rid your face of excess oil and it will reduce the appearance of your open pores.

2) Stabilizes pH Balance

– The pH balance of your skin is something that is always being tampered with, either by the alkaline ingredients in our cleansers or simply by the environment you’re in. The toner helps to bring back that balance to your skin which allows it to keep lipids and moisture in while blocking germs, pollution, toxins, and bacteria

3) Creates a Protective Layer

– The toner helps to remove chlorines and minerals found in the water used to wash your face, and creates a protective layer. It also closes open skin pores and cell gaps, which keeps impurities and pollutants from penetrating your skin.

4) Acts as a Humectant

– Our Rx Clinical toners act as a humectant, which aid the skin to retain moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

5) Refreshes Your Skin

– Using a toner on a daily basis leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.