Return Policy

Shipping cost will apply on all products except where noted. TERMS:• Payment in Full before Parts Ship.

• Payment in Full before Parts Ship.

• Payment in advance except where otherwise arranged.

• All parts offered on an exchange basis.

• FOB – SKINI Inc. is located at 1005 Grant Dr. • Richardson, TX 75081 • USA

• 75% Re-Stocking Fee on all returned items.

• Payment in full at time of shipment.

• Payments accepted via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Electronic Funds Transfer.

• Where a lower price is offered for an exchange of a non-working part, that part must be

received in advance to be eligible for the lower price. Otherwise a credit will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the part being exchanged.

• Exchange parts must be complete and not physically broken, burned, or scorched from electrical arcing.

• All the shipping costs related to the warranty will be paid by buyer.