Line Minimizing & Lifting KitSkin, Wrinkles, and Muscles:

There are three types of Wrinkles:

The Crinkle Wrinkle – a fine wrinkle very superficial and seen mostly in the 70-plus group, or early in the sun-damaged group.

The Glyphic Wrinkle – a deeper crisscross type of wrinkle seen mostly on the cheeks and neck.

The Deep Wrinkle – this troublesome wrinkle forms a major line or groove which is straight.

The cause of all wrinkles is linked to loss or denaturing of elastin, but wrinkles can be accentuated by further changes in the dermis. Try to picture the wrinkle as the visible result of a foundation collapse. They are the result of dermal sinkholes. Where the skin is thinnest, we see the smallest wrinkles because the skin surface has only a small distance to collapse. Deep wrinkles can only occur in thick skin; this is why sun damaged skin shows such horrendously deep wrinkles.

The skin is held onto the body by strong, fibrous bands called fascia. The fascia connects the dermal part of the skin to the muscles. When we smile, the skin is moved about by the muscle around the mouth. If there is excess skin which is neither elastic nor resilient, it will fold over, causing a deep wrinkle. Wrinkles are never reduced when a muscle is contracted – they can only be intensified or accentuated.

Consider also that a wrinkle always runs perpendicular to the long axis of a muscle. Next, consider that contracting a muscle will shorten the length of the muscle which, in turn, will throw the attached loose skin into many folds. Thus, one can only accentuate wrinkles by contraction of the muscles.

I truly recommend you use our Line Minimizing & Firming Kit. It will help the skin to naturally restore and replenish itself, allowing the fine lines and wrinkles to diminish with long-term effects.

– Yours truly, Bob Helmes